Side Projects


These are side projects I’ve tinkered on at some point. Some are very old, some are more recent. Not a lot of consistent theme to them!

A static site generator written in BASH. I’ve moved on, but I find it a novel thing (and still use BASH, just no, for generating my site).


An extremely simplistic RSS feed aggrigator


An experiment in making a PWA with Service Workers.

Ludum Dare #23 Entry, “The Tiny World”
Ludum Dare #24 Entry, “And Thus She Spake”
Ludum Dare #25 Entry, “Apathy”
Ludum Dare #27 Entry, “gridten”
Ludum Dare #31 Entry, “Asteroid Miner”

These were done to challenge myself to get a game done in a 48-hour period.


Just a simple pong-like game I wrote a long time ago.


A proof-of-concept utility for managing packages in different formats in a unified way. Similar to JFrog Artifactory or Sonatype Nexus (and that vein of application).

stat blocker

A small utility to create and print my own monster cards for 5e on 3x5 cards