2020 in Review

in which I describe a few of the things I found interesting in 2020



By no means an exhaustive list, this is just a simple list of things I pulled mostly from memory, mostly from 2020.

Best Fiction I Read This Year

Kings of the Wyld. This was a suprise to me. It was a very refreshing take on a high fantasy romp clearly influenced by table top RPG’s. I read several good fiction books this year, including The Stormlight Archive and The Ocean at the End of the Lane, but this one just let me zip through it and feel a sense of fun and adventure.

Best Non-Fiction I Read This Year

I read a majority non-fiction this year, and I read several really good ones. However, one that stood out to me as a parent was How to Talk so Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk. This book made me analyse my interactions with my children, and realise how I could approach them better. Am I perfect? No, but this one will probably get a reread. Incredibly helpful examples that I’ve personally encountered with my children.

Interesting Things Found on YouTube

A Few Other Interesting Finds This Year

Perhaps I didn’t find some of these this year, but I did read them, use them, pursue them, or otheriwse come in contact with them this year.