ef.sh v2.0.0

announcing my ef.sh 2.x (my own static site generator)



Never heard of ef.sh? Nobody’s surprised! It’s a custom BASH-based static site generator originally created around 3-4 years ago for this very site… joelkleier.com.

Originally, I was very sick of the constant switch between different tools that never fit my purpose and desire quite enough. ef.sh was born because I decided I really didn’t want to use another tool for my website again – at least for a good long time.

Of course, that changed pretty quick and soon joelkleier.com was moved onto… metalsmith or some such node.js thingy. It lasted for a while there, but, again, the disatisfaction returned, and ef.sh was resurrected and transformed into what it is today.

ef.sh version 2.x is a complete remake of the original, that operates on a pretty simple process:

This is pretty straight forward, and allows for a lot of flexibility down the road.

Why publish 2.x now? 2.x has been used for this website for the better part of a year, maybe even a bit longer. The 1.x has been sitting around, languishing all this time, and is really not a reflection of where the tool is today.

Also, there might be a possibility that I just remembered the 2.x source was never actually committed and pushed… ;)

Check it out, it’s pretty neat, and even if you would never think to use it, it might be interesting to look through!