LD48 31 ‘Post-Mortem’

What Went Right? What Went Wrong? What Can I Do Better Next Time?



What is it?

In a sentance, the Ludum Dare is an event that acts as a focal point for learning how to eschew distraction and unnecessary complication. I encourage you to check it out!

The theme this year was Entire Game on One Screen, and my entry is called Asteroid Miner.

Why did I participate?

I absolutely love this “competition” because it emphasizes the process of creating something over the final product. Certainly, high scores and premium placement post-competition are desireable, but not so desirable that they become an overriding focus for participants.

Above all, it’s an opportunity to mark dedicated time on my calendar for practice of a skill that requires perpetual attention to master: the ability to focus and perform efficiently, simply, and quickly.

What Went Right?

What Went Wrong?

What Can I Do Better Next Time?

Parting words

Everytime I participate, it strengthens my ability to just get stuff done and forces me out of the “decision paralysis” mindset. All to often it is easy to get into a state where analysis of a problem turns into decision paralysis. This state is the death of productivity of any kind, and turns into avoidance or pure laziness. Bad habits.

This was my first participation in the Ludum Dare in about a year, and I’m glad I did it. Will I be doing this again? If life permits (and it is a priority of mine to make sure it does), you bet!