Years to late, but just perusing some of his writing and have a couple thoughts



_why was active and fairly well known, especially in the Ruby community (from what I gather). The person behind _why, whatever his reasons, decided to abruptly end his work as _why in 2009.

I had heard about _why in passing – probably in 2009 when everyone who knew about him and didn’t understand his motives was all a-chatter about him. But I hadn’t really read any of his work. This changed when I stumbled across Potion, and read the pamphlet written, apparently, by _why himself.

I came away from reading that a little impressed by the writing – conversational, humble, funny, clear, concise, and easy to read. I don’t think Potion itself is anything but an esoteric language for doing hobbiest-level projects at this point, but the writing is really good. You should check it out!