Games Physics… Specifically 2D Games Physics

Some motivation to use Nim… why not write some 2d physics stuff?



I’ll be honest: when I’ve hobby-developed games in my past, I’ve either used super simple “physics” or just used an existing framework so as not to get stuck on implementing any sort of physics simulation. Everytime I move past this point, though, I’m left without any real understanding… I plug in the numbers, retype and copy code, and just hook things up to make them work.

This kinda bugs me, so I want to really internalize what it takes to make a 2d physics engine. And by internalize, I mean that I want to brush off some of the math I studied in high school and college, and really understand how it applies to physical simulation. In addition, I want to understand how to write code to do physical simulations… and I don’t mean just glue code. I want to really understand what’s going on behind the scenes, and develop an intuition for it!

Why not just stick with the pre-made libraries and frameworks, and leave the physics stuff up to people who focus a whole lot on physics? It’s a hobby… and I want to learn more about it.

To do this, I’ve dug around a bit for some online resources:

I’m certain there are a lot more resources out there on the web, and probably just as many in meat-space!

The first thing I’m going to do is review some math on Khan Academy, then I’m going to use Nim to play around with some of these concepts and shake the rust off!

Here’s what I’ve written on this toppic: part 0 part 1 part 2.

Until next time!