0x0006 - Root Beer From Extract

My mother bought me some root beer extract to make last year, and FINALLY was able to make it!



The Recipe

I followed, for the most part, the process outlined on the bottle of extract I used. The extract was Stoltzfus Root Beer Extract.


  1. 4oz Bottle of Stolzfus Root Beer Extract
  2. 8 Cups sugar (I used 7 cups of Florida cane sugar, and 1 cup of brown)
  3. 1/2 tsp yeast (I used Red Star ‘Premier Cuvee’)
  4. 5 gallons of luke-warm watter


About 5 gallons – which turned out to be around 53 beer bottles!


  1. Mix sugar & yeast well (dry)
  2. Add 5 gal water to root beer extract, mixing well
  3. Bottle immediatly, filling to within 1/2 inch of the cap
  4. Place bottles in warm (70-80°F) area for 2 days
  5. After 2 days, keep chilled in fridge


Pictures and Progress!

Bottles being stored after sanitization:

Sanitized Bottles
Sanitized Bottles
Sanitized Bottles 2
Sanitized Bottles 2

Brewing being done! This is after I added the extract to the luke warm water:

Brewing Being Done – BBD
Brewing Being Done – BBD

And the bottled results (a few might be missing from the picture)

The bottled results
The bottled results

The results tasted really good, especially with some New York Vanilla. Mmmm.

Can’t wait to try a second batch, hopefully with more root-beer punch!