0x0004 - Mr. Beer

My family-in-laws bought me a Mr. Beer kit, and I made it!



The Recipe

My family-in-law bought me a Mr. Beer kit for my birthday this year, it came with an American Light HME (Hopped Malt Extract). It was a pretty simple simple and quick process all told.


  1. Can of the American Light HME
  2. Packet of yeast that came with the HME
  3. About 2 Gallons of water


About 2 gallons.


Followed the Mr. Beer instructions pretty much to the letter – except I sanitized everything a little more thoroughly, and made sure the water I used was free of bad little organisms (with campden tablets).


  1. Boil water
  2. Add HME to water, making sure to thoroughly mix it up
  3. Add mixture to 1 gallon of water in keg
  4. Pitch yeast, and let it sit for 2 weeks
  5. Bottle, adding a little sugar for carbonation, and wait/drink!


Nothing really exciting. I didn’t take any specific gravity readings, so I don’t know about how much ABV is it.

Pictures and Progress!

No pictures here! Got lazy and didn’t make any… perhaps for my next batch!