0x0002 - Hard Cider (Better Late Than Never)

My first hard cider – I slacked off a BUNCH in making a post about this one!



The Recipe

Based on the recipe presented in BrewingTV ep. 67, but modified a bit.



About 1 gallon


  1. Add yeast to warm water to activate it
  2. Add 1/2 of yeast nutrient, energizer and sugar to 1 gallon of cider
  3. Add yeast and gently mix
  4. Cap the jug with and airlock and store for 24 hours
  5. Add rest of yeast nutrient and put back in storage to let ferment for about a week (until there is no more activity)
  6. Rack to secondary for aging and clarifying


Pictures and Progress!

Sorry, forgot to take pictures!

But, the OG was 1.060, and came down to 1.002 at bottling – putting the numbers into a calculator, it comes out to about 7.6% ABV and 202 calories per 12oz.

I actually did a second batch of this (0x0003) – changed the yeast to ‘Pasteur Champagne’ Red Star, and used Apple Valley apple cider (hand pressed at a local orchard).

I also decided to test out back-sweetening – I back-sweetened 3 bottles with Old Orchard Apple Raspberry frozen concentrate (about 2 tbsp worth), and left one bottle unsweetened.

The sweetened ones tasted fantastic – nice and carbed. No pictures of that batch either!