My first homebrew bottling experience

After 8 weeks, I got some homebrewed booze bottled!



It’s been 8 weeks of waiting patiently to bottle some homebrewed booze!

I’ve bottle some eggnog and some hard cider (I didn’t post the recipe for this yet, I’ll get to that though!).

The eggnog has been dubbed Dirty Snowman under the label 0x01, check it out:

Dirty Snowman Label
Dirty Snowman Label

It definitly smells of whiskey, but drinking it has a different character. It’s smooth – and I mean there is almost zero harsh biting at the throat. You do feel that warmth flow from your throat to your stomach though :)

It’s really meant as a base for eggnog – get some heavy whipping cream and egg whites all frothed and foamed up, then fold those (separately) into a bowl of the eggnog. Wasn’t really able to test that to it’s fullest, but I suspect that will go far to tone down the immediate flavor of the whiskey, brandy, and rum.

My cider has been dubbed “Delta 88” under the label “0x02”, check it out:

Delta 88 Label
Delta 88 Label

It’s a very dry cider. Definitely could use some more aging. BUT combined with a little apple juice for sweetness and flavor, it turns out to be really tasty!

It has an ABV of aproximately 7.8%. I added some alt-sweetener as a back-sweetener, but stupid me… I did it on ALL of my bottles. I could smack myself. I think it was an okay amount, but… it might be to much and I can’t experiment any more, or see how an unsweetened bottle might taste. Might have botched my first cider at the last moment! Ah well, we’ll see. Live and learn, right?