Game-Off 2012 and some Haxe/NME+HaxePunk

Github is hosting a month long game making competition, and I want to share some code that describes how to do a simple tween w/ the HaxePunk Library



Edit (2013-03-06): moved haxe related stuff to a different post

Github Game-Off 2012

Github is hosting a game making competition through the month of November.

It needs to be playable in a web browser, and needs to have some relation to “branching”, “forking”, “cloning”, “pushing”, or “pulling”.

Sounds like fun, I think I’m in :)

I’ll blog about my trials and tribulations here, so expect to see more posts about this project.

So far I’ve settled on a few things:

My immediate goal for this next week is to get the basic game play prototyped out, IE, I want a map displaying with boundaries, and character movement, and combat. That’s glossing over a lot of details, but it comes down to that.