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by Joel Kleier on 2018-06-14

(2018-04-17) A nifty way to have a short-term pypi cache

Wanted a short-term pypi cache on a subpath on an existing nginx site config

(2018-04-13) HTML+JS framework and some new (to me) js!

found an interesting html/js game framework, and did me some learning about "new" js features

(2018-03-03) Neat tricks for having a local static file server

Just wanted to write up a quick layout of some quick one-liner commands to give me a local static file server

(2018-02-26) Creating a Custom Plone 5 Docker Image, and Deploying to DC/OS

I wrote a blog post for my employer

(2017-12-22) On Children

a poem I happened upon

(2017-09-15) A map I made

I drew a map for a friend, and I think it turned out decent!

(2016-11-27) The Enchiridion

I recorded a reading of The Enchiridion

(2016-09-18) v2.0.0

announcing my 2.x (my own static site generator)

(2015-09-03) Opinionated Website Updates

I decided to switch up my website, a lot! This post is about what I did (changed the style, moved to aws s3 + cloudflare, and rewrote my bash site compiler)

(2015-07-13) Maintaining a Set of Private Python Packages with Nix

Digging into Nix packaging, and I thought I'd share what I found about maintaining Python packages outside of the core NixPkgs repository

(2015-06-10) Rust Polymorphism and References

Had some fun learning a little bit about polymorphism and references in Rust

(2015-01-23) MOTD

I decided to add something entirely frivilous to my terminal

(2015-01-09) Completely Useless HTTP Server in Rust

Rust just hit 1.0 alpha, and I think it's time to get into it, and what better way than a useless HTTP server?

(2015-01-17) Anatomy of an HTTP Request

Wherein I talk about very little

(2014-12-05) Game Physics - Rotation

A continuation of my self-driven attempt to learn a bit about 2D game physics, specifically vector rotation

(2014-12-19) Game Physics - Reflection and Reversing Vectors

The last bit I'll do on vectors as they relate to 2D game physics

(2014-12-12) LD48 31 'Post-Mortem'

What Went Right? What Went Wrong? What Can I Do Better Next Time?

(2014-11-11) _why

Years to late, but just perusing some of his writing and have a couple thoughts

(2014-11-07) Survivorship Bias

If you frequent places like Hacker News or Reddit, you might run into this problem

(2014-11-12) Rosetta and Philae

What an amazing accomplishment! 25 years of planning, 10 years of waiting, and finally humanity has landed on Comet 67P (Churyumov-Gerasimenko)

(2014-11-15) Why do people watch live streams (or their recordings) of people coding?

I feel like I'm really out of the loop here...

(2014-11-20) Games Physics... Specifically 2D Games Physics

Some motivation to use Nim... why not write some 2d physics stuff?

(2014-11-16) Nim! pt9 - Pointer Fun

Had a chance to learn about pointer usage in Nim

(2014-11-13) Nim! pt8 - Generics

A hotly debated topic, I wanted to dive in and see how they were used in Nim

(2014-11-10) Nim! pt7 - Testing

I found myself asking, "Now, how do I test this?"

(2014-11-09) Nim! pt6 - I learned a bit about modules

Nope, not done learning about Nim yet!

(2014-11-06) Nim! pt5

How to use SDL input with the Nim SDL2 wrapper

(2014-11-05) Nim! pt4

I got a ball rolling!

(2014-11-04) Nim! pt3

Nim is holding my limited spare-time attention for the moment, so here's some things I learned about it.

(2014-11-03) Nim! pt2

Still exploring Nim

(2014-11-02) Nim!

While reading discussion on Jonathan Blow's lectures from my last post, I stumbled across Nim.

(2014-11-18) Ludum Dare 31 -- Who's Ready??

16 (ish) short days until the 31st Ludum Dare!

(2014-11-08) Interstellar

My thoughts on the near 3-hour 'epic'

(2014-11-17) Pixel Pioneers- A Brief History of Graphics

Saw this series, looks to be fun to watch!

(2014-11-14) What is this world coming too???

MS and Google are both, round-aboutly, endorsing github!

(2014-11-01) A New Lanugage

Jonathan Blow has been talking about developing a new language for a couple months now

(2014-11-19) 68 Katy

This guy put together a 680000 Linux on a Solderless Breadboard...

(2014-11-21) 30 Day Challenge, COMPLETE

I challenged myself to write a blog post every day for 30 days, now that I've finished here's what I learned

(2014-11-28) Game Physics - Vectors

Last week I ended my 30 day challenge promising a long form article on 2D game physics using Nim, and here it is!

(2014-10-24) Recent Raspberry Pi Announcements

Just want to say a few words about the recent announcements on Techcrunch Distrupt

(2014-10-25) PureScript

Decided to poke around purescript a little

(2014-10-26) My Private Git Setup

A little bit about how I setup my self-hosted private git repos

(2014-10-31) FirefoxOS and Ubuntu Phone

I have high hopes for Firefox OS and Ubuntu Touch

(2014-10-27) Markup Languages

I read an article ("Living the Future of Technical Writing" by Scott Chacon) and I have some thoughts

(2014-10-28) James Gurney

Just wanted to talk about one of my favorite artists

(2014-10-29) David Revoy

Another of my favorite artists

(2014-10-23) A couple AWS Tips & Tricks

Just a a couple tips/tricks for AWS

(2014-10-30) Asciidoc + Metalsmith

I decided to give integrating metalsmith and asciidoc a go

(2014-06-07) metalsmith

Switched static site generators again :D

(2014-03-26) rss2email

My latest venture into rss readers

(2014-02-14) Bash Fun

I created a (very) custom static site generator using Bash and Pandoc

(2013-09-29) Postmortem for 'Grid Ten', my LD48#27 entry

The good, the bad, and the ugly about my experience during my 6th attempt at the Ludum Dare 48-hour game making competition.

(2013-08-20) Documentation

A few of my current opinions on documentation of libraries and frameworks used by developers

(2013-06-15) 0x0006 - Root Beer From Extract

My mother bought me some root beer extract to make last year, and FINALLY was able to make it!

(2013-06-13) 0x0005 - Dandelion Wine

While Dandelion's were nice and yellow, I decided to make some Dandelion Wine!

(2013-06-15) 0x0004 - Mr. Beer

My family-in-laws bought me a Mr. Beer kit, and I made it!

(2013-06-14) 0x0002 - Hard Cider (Better Late Than Never)

My first hard cider -- I slacked off a BUNCH in making a post about this one!

(2013-03-02) Setting up a HaxePunk Project

Some notes about setting up and using HaxePunk

(2013-03-06) Haxe Function Signatures

A quick note about the use of 'Dynamic' in Haxe function signatures

(2013-01-14) Apathy post-mortem

Post-mortem of my Ludum Dare

(2012-12-06) My first homebrew bottling experience

After 8 weeks, I got some homebrewed booze bottled!

(2012-11-29) Game-Off 2012 Followup

Failure, but it's not all bad!

(2012-10-09) LD48

A look back at what went right, what went wrong, and how I think I could improve

(2012-10-29) HaxePunk LinearTween Example

I want to share some example code that describes how to do a simple LinearPath tween w/ the HaxePunk Library

(2012-10-29) Game-Off 2012 and some Haxe/NME+HaxePunk

Github is hosting a month long game making competition, and I want to share some code that describes how to do a simple tween w/ the HaxePunk Library

(2012-09-04) tmux cheat sheet

Well, I like using tmux and thought it'd be nice to collect commands That I tend to use.

(2012-09-04) Raspberry Pi!!!!

Just got my Raspberry Pi in the mail, check out the unboxing!

(2012-09-09) My First Mead

I've decided to experiment with brewing, and what better way than to start with a simple mead?

(2012-09-15) 0x0001 - Eggnog

Preparing some eggnog for the winter months!

(2012-08-21) Ludum Dare 24

The Ludum Dare 48 hour competition is coming up fast, what am I doing to prepare?

(2012-08-24) And so it begins LD48

Now I have to make a game with the theme 'Evolution' in 48 hours